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Re: Shear Wall Table

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I think you're are asking for a publication produced by the American Iron &
Steel Institute called "Shear Wall Design Guide."  The pub number you gave is
RG-9404, which I believe is for the old report (that we helped them develop).
An updated version is just out and has been given the designation:  RG-9804.

Unfortunately, you won't get this from the AISI for free.  They're charging
$10 a copy.  If you're looking for shear wall tables, you might want to check
out some past issues of the LGSEA Newsletters which have this information
(which formed the basis of the AISI reports).  Especially, look at the
January, April, and October 1995 issues.  We also did an update with
additional values in a 1997 issue (October, I think).
Go to the "Publications" page on the LGSEA web site (, and choose
"Newsletters".  You can download all the newsletter for free. 

Larry Williams