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RE: PE Exam

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Title: PE Exam
I am taking the PE in AL this fall.  Personally, I am taking the civil test and then in April taking the SE.  Even though I only do structures I feel it will be easier to take the civil test first.  The SE test has 8 problems and you have to work all 8.  My reasoning is that there is a bridge problem and I don't do bridges.  So now I'm down to knowing 7/8  of the test, at best.  If they throw in a weird problem or two then I'm down to having to get the problems I am familiar with 100% correct to even have a chance.  With the civil test there will usually be 2 structures problems and a horizontal curve and a vertical curve.  Pick up a concrete mix design, soils problem, and a pipe network and I'm done.
BTW, from a friend who took and passed the PE, SEI and SEII tests (NCEES test and not CA SE) the structures problems are cake on the PE as compared to either of the SE test.  He did say that, though, they seem to grade the SE test EASIER than he would have expected.
John Jones
Pell City, AL
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Subject: PE Exam

I am taking the PE exam this fall in New York.  I am trying to decide whether to take the civil exam or the structural exam.  I have a civil degree but my experience is in structural (4+ years).  The other engineers in my office who have taken the exam have only taken the civil exam.  I just wanted to take the exam that best suits my abilities(easiest to pass) and study effectively.