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RE: API 650 & Stainless Steel

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Specify the material in an ASTM format such as ASTM A240 Type 304.  The ASTM will give all of the physical properties of the stainless steel material.

You really should purchase the 9th Edition API 650.  The most recent issue contains Addendum 3, December 1996.

Talk to the client about the expense.  As an example; LNG tanks are designed with a stainless steel liner and a carbon steel structural skin.  This is more cost effective than using the stainless steel as a structural element.  Another factor worth considering is that Type 304 stainless steel is not very corrosion resistant.  If all you need is 304, you may be able to get by with a protective coating.  

Harold Sprague, PE
Krawinkler, Luth & Assoc.

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I am curious what is done when someone (a customer) specifies a API 650 tank
but makes wants it from Stainless Steel.  

The last copy I had of API (88 version) did not address stainless steel at
all.  What design stress Sd would be appropriate if the material were 304?

Do the bucking formulas need modifying to reflect behavior difference between
the stainless vs carbon steels?