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Re: Shafat & the listserv

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Kathleen A. O'Brien wrote:

> >>>Any one else agree?????
> Do I agree to jack up Shafat's workload because someone can't figure out
> how to filter posts finds useless? I don't think so. <<
> Me neither
> Kate O'Brien

Ya know, a thought strikes me here.  Many of the technical posts hold little
interest to me, and I read the list for a few gems I find here and there
once in a while.  I wind up deleting a good many of the posts anyway, for
lack of interest, and I'd just bet most readers do the same.  Thus, the real
objection is not to the work of filtering or deleting posts one doesn't
want, but devolves *only* to an attempt to censor the list.

I, too, vote against increasing Shafat's workload to moderate the list.  He
does a wonderful job providing this service, has done so for years, and
deserves overwhelming gratitude and accolades from all of us, not a bunch of
hassle because someone doesn't like the contents of a post. And the man does
it all as a VOLUNTEER!  I don't see any of the censors offering to take over
the work he does.