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RE: API 650 & Stainless Steel

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Welding stainless to carbon steel can be done, but you need to be specific about the steels.  I would assume that you are talking about ASTM A36 carbon steel.  But there are over 40 AISI grades of stainless steel not counting the special steels like the Carpenter 20 and Duplex steels.  There are Martensitic, Austentitic, and Ferritic stainless steels.  Some stainless steels are annealed and some are quenched.  Each type is different enough to have markedly different welding characteristics.  The L suffix on some types indicates low carbon and generally good welding characteristics.

I would suggest to first establish the general stainless steel performance characteristics based on the corrosion and strength.  Then select an AISI type that affords the best welding characteristics.  You can also fabricate a tank out of 316 stainless and weld on a reinforcement plate of 316L which then can easily be welded to A36 carbon steel.

Galvanic action can be minimized by welding a seal weld completely around the contact area.

Harold Sprague, PE
Krawinkler, Luth & Assoc.

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Here is another question to add to this thread:

Consider the following:

Suppose one has an unanchored stainless steel tank.  The tank 
requires some anchorage to resist earthquake demands per API-650 
Appendix E.

Does it make any sense to specifiy welded stainless steel 
bolt chairs instead of standard carbon steel chairs?  I am currently 
trying to avoid some of the welding problems associated with 
joining carbon to stainless steels and determine what is the most 
cost-effective and performance-effective solution for my client.

Any comments?

 - Bill

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