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Re: Open message to Shafat

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I have been following the Humor thread and several of the engineering
threads with some interest.

Since I found this list I have been enjoying the discussions, the answers
to engineering questions, the responses to business questions, etc..

With over twenty years as a licensed engineer, the majority of them in a
one man shop, there was not much chance to discuss my approach to
engineering and business problems. I have found this list server to be a
great place to see how other engineers handle structural problems and
handle business questions. Not that I would always do things the way that
the discussions go, but the discussions have brought a fresh perspective to
several things that I have done in the past and have been working on now.

This list has been and I hope will continue to be a place to find a helping
hand, a different opinion, some humor, a debate, you get the idea. The list
has been a place to find an engineer and discuss problems and concerns that
can not be found when talking to non technical friends and acquaintances. 

I will probably follow the list no matter what the members decide to do but
I will recommend that you not change it to much, even the digressions
provide information (on human nature if nothing else) and they differently
provide atmosphere. 

Thanks for your efforts to provide a place for engineers to express
themselves, even when not everyone agrees.

Robert W. Stevens, Jr., P.E.
Senior Engineer
Independent Enterprises, Inc. 
Pittsburgh, PA 

My 2 cents for what is worth.

P.S. I grew up in California and have been a Registered Engineer in CA for
over 15 years.