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Feedback regarding Enercalc Reinforced Concrete Beam design

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Following is the response which I received from Michael Brooks from
Enercalc. I am posting his response to the list since a few people had
concerns with the software or asked for feedback.

I updated the software to Version 5.0.6 and my concern is now gone.
(The absolute values of maximum moments and allowable moments are
properly compared.)

Thanks to all who responded.
"Dear Mr. Armijo:

Thanks for your resend of the post to the listserver. I was on vacation
26th -> 13th, and did get the information but was having a hard time
sifting through the progression of emails.

At 03:10 PM 7/16/98 -0700, you wrote:
>1. Which version of the ACI Code is being used?

ACI 318-95. What the other gentleman said about us not thinking code
references was a good idea is not correct. We've had that on a "to do"
for quite a while.

>2. For the input above I get Maximum Moment, Mu = -19.56 K-ft and
>Allowable Moment, Mn/phi = 16.48 K-ft and a note saying, "Beam Design
>OK". Granted a positive number is larger thatn a negative number, but
>concern is that the absolute value, | -19.56 | is greater than the absolute
>value of | 16.48 | and the beam design is NOT OK. 

Yes...this was corrected some months ago.  Are you getting the

You can download the current 5.0.6 from


Fir this type of question, please fax in your printout so we can take a
direct look. Even though you can recite the entry data, experience has
shown that we really need to see the exact printout.

If you sent it and I have not responded yet...I apologize. I am almost done
with my technical support which I could not handle during my absence.


Michael D. Brooks, S.E.
Technical Services"