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Re: OTTO & Shafat -Reply

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As I stated earlier.....<it seems like weeks ago when all this first
started>....I think the extreme viewpoint people (in either direction) have
gotten the other 80%+ of the list to arguing.  

I will stay on this list regardless of the outcome.  As someone stated
earlier, I am also a one-person (or  am I  one inept person?) operation.  It
feels  comforting to have this much acesss to experience and a wide variety of
viewpoints.  This is one of the more positive enhancements to engineering I
can think of ....that last one was the calculator vs the slide rule..  I have
been extremely impressed with the level of technical expertise  and

I can handle any joke/comment put on this list, so battle away.  Well ALMOST
any joke....please do not joke about the haircut and clothes I wore in the
70s...sore subject...Gee..after 12 yard sales...I still have that lime green
liesure would think someone would buy it for 50 cents...guess not