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hoping you'll change your mind

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C'mon, don't let the ridiculous few affect the worthy many or they really win.

This is the same kind of thing with which I'm faced in my quality goals for
which you've been so supportive.  I give you back some of your own advice,
persevere, my friend, please.

Your contributions have helped everyone who read them and I for one ask
that you weather this brief flurry of nonsense while looking for the
worthwhile posts that are still here.  Perhaps with just a little time,
these off-the-wall posts will die from lack of attention.

In the meantime, just lurk and delete; we all really need you.  After all
how often do we get a Framer, a Contractor, an Engineer AND a City
Employee's opinion?  You offer a lot of good advice for the youngster you
are, and I for one hope you are still in the shadows waiting for the light
of day.

sandyp(--nospam--at) 	 (800)598-1970    Fax(310)376-5294	 Hermosa Beach & Redondo Beach, CA
Do not condemn the judgment of another because it differs 
from your own.  You may both be wrong.  -  Dandemis