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Re: Shafat & the listserv

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For a couple of weeks I¹ve been deleting masses of whiny junk mail complaining about all the whiny junk mail. We¹ve heard demands for censorship, suggestions that Shafat waste his time starting a joke list, one clever post with ?shut up¹ as its only sentiment, complaints about persecution of Christians (St Sebastian, among many others, would have hooted aloud had he seen them.) threats to stomp off in a huff, and general noise of garments rending. All sounding like a mob of grammar school kids standing up and screaming, ?Stop screaming!¹ to each other, and all over a couple of jokes clearly posted without malicious intent by engineers who contribute mightily to the technical content of the list.
Let¹s show some judgment, people. I daresay many of us were sent from the dinner table for such squabbling. Our little display hasn¹t done the profession much credit or cemented much in the way of meaningful relationships. On the contrary some of the junk mail has been amazingly petty for people who must deal patiently and constructively every day with equally unappealing actions by clients, colleagues and supervisors. Anyone (anyone remaining who might consider stirring up such an ant hill) considering posting a joke, give some thought to balancing wounded sensibilities against the need for cage-rattling. OTOH, those who feel it necessary to announce their hurt feelings to someone, confine your outrage to the offender and do so off-list. 

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