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Re: potential solution to joke problem pls read & comment

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Having two lists sounds like a good idea but I don't thnk it will work.

Most members, like me, open their email and check what's going on in the
listserve. If they want to post a joke or whatever, they won't spend the extra
time(no matter how simple or easy it is) to go to the other list. The same
with posting a reply to an unauthorized post, they will want to respond right
away and just hit the reply button.

We need a working, practical solution. I can't think of any yet but I,m just
waitingf and hoping this one will stop soon just like the others we had

I remember Bill Allen quit this list(or at least he planned on quitting)
before and he came back. I think most of us who contribute and learn from this
list will stay or come back if they decide to quit for now. I remember when I
was too busy in my jobs that I only have maybe every 2 to 3 days to check my
email and it takes at least one hour or more to read all of them (or just scan
the non-interesting ones and read the good ones). And if we have controversial
or junks like what we have right now, and I am in a bad mood with a lot of on-
going problems, I would think of quiting right away..

But I think these people, if they quit now, will come back. This listserve is
just too good to abandon just because of a few(or maybe it's starting to get
big now) problems. Nothing we cannot fix as reasonable adults.

Just be patient, be tolerant and be reasonable.

Ernie Natividad