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RE: [Fwd: Donation for May Atrocities in Indonesia (7/7/9

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This is not the only "political crap" in this mailing list, if you don't

like it just delete. Why bother with this one, unless  you have self- 
interest in preventing the world from knowing the barbarian organized 
crime (looting, raping and killing) toward Chinese descendants in 

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Subject: Re: [Fwd: Donation for May Atrocities in Indonesia (7/7/98)]
Author:  ,Raghu Pendyala [SMTP:pendyala(--nospam--at)] at ADPM-TUCSON1
Date:    7/17/98 2:11 AM

I do not think this is an appropriate place to circulate this sort of
political crap. I have my own opinon of what's happening in Indonesia
but I
will not air it here.

Wira Tjong wrote:

> We found this organization in response to the 14-15 May 1998 tragedy
> Indonesia.  The vast economical and political downfalls have led to
> severe violations of human rights.  Arson, physical abuse, murder, and
> most importantly the public mass rape have terrorized countless
> souls.
> We are a social, apolitical, non-religious, and non-profit based women
> organization.  Our purpose is to raise immediate funds for the victims
> of this catastrophe.   We define "victims" as those suffering
> psychological and material abuses;
> -  older and young women alike, including girls of 10-12 years of age
> suffering from mass rape,
> -  people who lost members of their families during the riots,
> -  people who lost their homes and properties during the riots.
> The funds will be distributed to the victims through "Tim Relawan
> Kemanusiaan " (Volunteers for the Human Rights) It is a broad-based
> human right non-government organization lead by Romo Ignatius
> Sumardi S.J. They have given great social contributions to the needy
> Indonesia regardless of race, gender, ethnicity nor religion.  We
> this organization based on their credentials and proven commitment to
> the society.  As of the Bloody May Catastrophe, they have been
> in giving medical and psychological assistance to the rape victims as
> well as giving temporary accommodation and meals to the general riot
> victims.  In sync with the selfless spirit of this organization, we
> on each of you to donate material wealth to ease the great sufferings
> the victims.
> In order to secure delivery of donations made to "Tim Relawan untuk
> Kemanusiaan," we will post name of donors (unless otherwise noted),
> amount contributed, city of residence, as well as receipt from "Tim
> Relawan untuk Kemanusiaan" in our homepage at
> The list of donators will
> updated at the end of each day, and we will immediately send every
> with five hundred dollars minimum collected to cover the urgent needs
> the victims.
> As of July 7th, 1998 we have received a total amount of $2013, most of
> which ($2013)
> has been sent via wire transfer to Indonesia on July 5rd, 1998.***
> Should there be anybody, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity nor
> religion, who would be interested in assisting us with direct
> solicitation of funds, please e-mail us at
> Indonesian_Women(--nospam--at)
> We encourage all women and those who have the hearts to help these
> innocent and helpless victims to join our plight.  Our membership is
> open to all women regardless of race, ethnicity nor religions.
> Donations in large sum could be sent directly to:
>      Tim Relawan
>      Christina Widiantarti, S.H. qq TRK
>      BNI 46 Cabang Matraman
>      Account Number: 219.000171461.901
>      Contact person : Agung Putri (021) 797-2662
> Checks can be made and sent to the order of:
> 1. Susanne Setijadi - USA
>      1807 Toyon Drive
>      Concord, CA 94520
>      (925) 687-9616
>      ssetijad(--nospam--at)
> 2. Linda Sari - USA
>      240 Bay Street #303
>      San Francisco, CA 94133
> 3. Dewi Susanti - USA
>      984 Spruce Street
>      Berkeley, CA 94707
> 4. Carolina Hartanto - Singapore
>      Block 182, Bukit Batok West Avenue 8 #11-151
>      Singapore 650182
>      hartanto(--nospam--at)
> 5. Maurita Sutedja - Indonesia
>      Permata Hijau blok:O/No:6
>      Jakarta 12210
>      (6221) 549-3244 - home
>      Maurita.Sutedja(--nospam--at)
> Wire transfers can also be made by contacting any of the 5 persons on
> the
> list above.
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