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Another suggested resolution to the joke problem

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I don't feel that SEAint should devote space for personal posts or jokes. I
have reviewed many of the past jokes which amounted to less than 5% of all
of the cumulative posts under the same heading (including REplys).
If we let the joke pass rather than respond to them - or better yet, respond
to the sender in private - we really would not be bothered by the deluge of
replys. However, if we can not control the desire to respond, debate, argue,
laugh etc. I have a couple of suggestions:

Preface the all posts with the word Humor so that members can easily filter
out these messages. I am not familiar with anything but PC based browsers.
However, almost every email program out there, including Netscape, AOL,
Microsoft and Eudora allow for either filtering or sorting of messages. If
you can not filter, sort your messages by subject and simply delete all
posts related to humor with one hit of the delete key.
As far as networks - here I must beg ignorance. For those who are familiar
with these systems, is it possible for the Administrator to filter incomming
email and filter out any with key words in the subject line.

I have been fortunate with my service provider not to receive more than one
or two Spam per month. I realize this is a great problem with most. How do
you deal with this.

Last suggestion: Possibly Shafat place a question on the Website to help
determine the capabilities of the systems that access our list. We can then
have a better understanding of which systems have no control over the
messages they they receive.

What type of system are you receiving mail on:  Personal, Network
Which Email Program are you using: _____________________
Can your email program Filter messages? y or n
Can your email program sort subjects? y or n
Is there a later version of your email program that has these features: y or

Finally, are there any of you useing AOL, Netscape, Eudora or Outlook that
need specific instruction as to how to filter messages with your email
program. I would be happy to write up specific instructions or Outlook and
possibly some of you will do the same for the other programs out there. We
can them post them or place them on the Web for your reference.
While we are on this subject - I highly suggest that each of you tune your
email programs to NOT place the previous post in the body of your reply -
consider the great waste of space this contributes to.

For those of you on a network, how does your administrator control incomming
email to prevent spam or other unwanted intrusion to the system? This may be
a key factor in diseminating information that arrives.

The SEAint server is an important infrastructure which needs a well thought
out roadmap. I personally believe that once we start creating
non-professional paths we will inundate those that have to service the
equipment and waste potentially valuable storage space. We don't do this
because we really want a list for engineers to socialize. We are requesting
a separate list because some of the list membership either does not know how
to filter or do not have the ability to filter - or simply refuse to by
principle. I think we need to address the problem rather than sweep it into
another list.

Dennis Wish PE