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SEAOC Board Meeting 7/18/98 - MemberSE's & MemberCE's voting

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Dear Allen & Lori

Following today's board meeting at which the board voted in favor of having
both MemberSE's & MemberCE's vote on future SEAOC ByLaw amendments, could you
please arrange to have the ByLaw amendment, as approved, sent to each of the
regional associations as soon as possible. The ByLaw amendment should be sent
under cover of a letter from Ken Luttrell requesting ratification by each of
the regional associations.

My notes indicate that the ByLaw amendment should read as follows. Please
confirm that this wording is consistent with your minutes:

Section 1:	Amendments to these Bylaws may be proposed by any Director at any

Section 2:	Amendment of these Bylaws shall require both of the following votes
in favor thereof :

1) By the Board of Directors, by at least two-thirds (2/3) of the Directors, 


2) By the MemberSE's and MemberCE's of the Regional Associations, by at least
two-thirds (2/3) of the voting MemberSE's and MemberCE's, provided that at
least one-third (33 1/3%) of the MemberSE's and MemberCE's vote.

Section 3:	Amendments become effective upon the fulfillment of the
requirements of this Article."

Thank you for your help in getting this out promptly to the membership,