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Load combinations for retaining wall

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I am working on a ski house with a 30'x45' basement with an 18 foot
retaining wall. The ground snow load is 430psf and the potenial water table
is 4 feet below finish grade during spring run off, so we have quite a bit
of hydrostatic uplift as well. I am waiting for a response from the
geotechinical engineer for design criteria. I asked him about snow load
surcharge and it seemed that he had not been asked that question before. To
make matters worse the sub surface wall drainage is acheived by pumps since
there is no gravity discharge, so it would be possible for a mechanical
failure of the back drains. Even though the floor above the wall is wood
framed,  it seems best to stiffen the floor and design this as a restrained
wall. Any suggestions on load combinations?(snow surcharge+active earth
pressure+water table force+the mystical seismic increment)

Jeff Smith