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Re: potential solution to joke problem pls read & comment

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I have read all the feedback and I feel that the list subscribers have a
"love and hate" relationship with jokes. I also reviewed the archives and
found out that there are only a handful of subscribers that like to send
jokes to this list. Some of those subscribers that were sending excessive
jokes have already been removed from this list. 

I recommend we close this thread and get back to the regular stuff. If the
problems comes up again, we can deal with it swiftly then.

Thank you all for your excellent cooperation.


At 7/19/98 01:40 PM, you wrote:
>I respond only to have my voice heard on this matter and to be counted.
>I don't think we should have a separate list for jokes. If we could all
>show a little restraint, tolerance, and consideration, we can all get
>along just fine.  By each of us practicing each of the above, using the
>delete button is not that big of a deal.. 
>And if everyone would just quit complaining about the things they don't
>like, it would reduce the amount of deletes necessary.  What's the
>saying "don't sweat the little stuff"?  You cannot control other
>people's behavior, so just blow it off.
>Steve Privett