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Re: Philosophical Discussion/Tsunami

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raranous(--nospam--at) (Governor's Office of Emergency Services) wrote:
> It seems to me that there is not an economical method to deal with
> structural damage.  However, maybe land use policies need to be
> addressed.  This works for the US and probably for Canada (hope the
> Canadian members respond to this) but would it work in other countries
> such as Japan?  Wholesale relocation of businesses and residences is an
> expensive proposition.  But is it more economical to relocate now, or
> wait until the event occurs and have to do it when people have lost
> everything?

This is similar question asked after the recent string of damaging 
floods that have occured in the Midwest.  Should the nation support 
expensive relief and rebuilding expenses in areas that are suseptible to 
flooding, coastal inundation or tsunami.  Land use policies have 
restricted rebuilding of damaged property in some coastal areas making 
many coastal landowners unhappy.

How far do you take it though.  When you look at the economic loss from 
recent earthquakes should land use policies restrict development in 
seismic Zone 4 areas as well? Insurance companies have noted that losses 
from natural disasters have increased so much in part because there has 
been so much development in "disaster prone" states like California and