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RE: AutoCAD DWF files

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I did submit my question to the AutoCAD newsgroup as I submitted it to this
list. Since the time of my original post, I discovered that the Whip driver
at the Autodesk website was different (newer and a different size) than the
one I previously downloaded. I manually uninstalled the Whip driver I had,
repaired my Registry, rebooted and re-installed the new Whip driver. After I
did that, it worked fine (on IE). With regards to Netscape, apparently there
is a "hole" of versions the Whip driver does not support. I believe the Whip
driver does not support versions 4.04 and older (it will theoretically
support version 4.05 as well 3.x versions).

Thanks for your response,

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I have not fiddled a whole lot with dwf's...but I have played with them
some. I've found that IE doesn't seem to like them as much as Netscape for
some reason....

What I would suggest is that you post this message to the Autodesk Internet
discussion group. If you point  your browser to and follow
the links to discussion groups you will see that there is one specifically
for Internet usage of AutoCAD. The real knowledgeable and helpful people
there will likely have a good response to your question.

Good luck,
Robert Grandmaison