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The rumor is true. Here is the story that I got from my sources.

On the July 18 SEAOC board meeting, John Price (SEAOSD) stated that if
SEAOSC does not approve the proposed bylaws change within 2-3 weeks; then
he will have a Special Meeting of the Board called to meet in Sept. and
will begin EXPULSION proceedings against SEAOSC! After the bylaws change is
approved, then Price said that SEAOSC will be asked to rejoin SEAOC to
continue from there.

SEAOSC was threatened that this WILL occur if we don't do it Price's way.
SEAOSC delegates to SEAOC board were outraged. Price then proceeded to take
a straw vote poll as to who was for us and who was against us because he
said he is going to canvas for our expulsion (I think he means lobby for).
Anyway, ALL of SEAOSD was against us (Price, Libby & Stedman by proxy) and
2 of the 3 Central delegates were against us (Nickelson and LUTTRELL).

SEAONC I believe found Price's actions/comments as a surprise. Buscovich
had already left the meeting. Parquette stated he was against expulsion and
Middlebrook seemed to have a open (balanced) mind.

Mel Green (SEAOSC) was mad and said his "How dare you" speech to Price and
that Price hasn't listened to anything that SEAOSC said all day. Which he

Manny Morden (SEAOSC) requested that his vote on the bylaws change be
reversed but nobody was paying any attention to the details by this time.
John Shipp (SEAOSC and President Elect for SEAOC) lamentingly asked Price
why he said what he said. Answer was that Price is tired after Stedman's &
Luttrell's terms of SEAOSC blocking all the advancement of the association.
When asked as to HOW his comments going to make thing better, the answer:
they just were!. 

James Lai (SEAOSC) requested an apology (it fell on deaf ears) and argued
with Price & Luttrell by stating that we only received the packet 2 days
before our Board meeting and that James didn't feel compelled to call a
special meeting because the request came from a cmte. chair and not the
President. Price didn't like that at all. We mentioned that since this is
such an important change, SEAOSC might want to put the issue out for a vote.

I think the membership needs to jump on this one. Personally I think we
have a few State Board members that are living in a closet. They need to
come out and speak to the world. They just don't realize that SEAOSC is
after all 42% of the total membership.

That is my $0.10 worth.


BTW, the funny thing is that SEAOSC does not have anything against the
bylaw changes. We just need time to consider as to why we are being asked
to amend the bylaw.

At 7/20/98 02:15 PM, you wrote:
>I find this impossible to believe. What is your source?  Someone is pulling
>your chain here Bill.
>Bill Allen, S.E. wrote:
>> I've heard a rumor that there is a pending motion (threat?) to expel SEAOSC
>> from the Structural Engineers Association of California.  As incredible as
>> this may sound, I for one would like to hear an explanation of this and to
>> confirm/deny if this rumor is true.
>> Regards,
>> Bill Allen