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       Seems that Seaoc will be in for a good fight. Guess, I could relate to 
this because of recent experience. Hoping that all's well will end well.

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Subject: RE: SEAOSC v. SEAOC
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Date:    7/20/98 11:36 PM

Gosh, is SEAoSC going to be a detached entity floating in space?  Then 
why not affiliate with SEAoT?  After all, you're not that much farther 
west than our El Paso Chapter, and we're (relatively) easy to get along 
Sounds like ya'll have growing pains.  I hope that is simply a power 
struggle, and not just another stupid religious squabble.  Seriously, I'm 
confident that reason will prevail and that everything will work out for 
the best.  
Stan Caldwell in Dallas
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Subject: Re: SEAOSC v. SEAOC
The rumor is true. Here is the story that I got from my sources.
On the July 18 SEAOC board meeting, John Price (SEAOSD) stated that if 
SEAOSC does not approve the proposed bylaws change within 2-3 weeks; 
he will have a Special Meeting of the Board called to meet in Sept. and 
will begin EXPULSION proceedings against SEAOSC!