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Though tempers certainly flared, I am hopeful that the productive 
work that was done prior to the threat of expulsion has not been 
lost.  I know that the SEAONC appointed directors to the board are 
stilling willing to work with all parties to break out of our 
deadlock and move forward.  I am confident that the SEAOSC directors 
will also be eager to do this, once they have had time to reflect.

I think it is also worth noting that the attacks on Allen Goldstein 
were not warranted.  He attempted to act as peace-maker and moderator 
at Saturday's meeting and is continuing to do so.

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> I have heard that the meeting, up until John Price's ultimatum, was
> extremely productive. It is not only unfortunate that Mr. Price took the
> meeting in the direction he did and essentially destroyed all the work that
> was accomplished up until that point. It seems to me that Mr. Price may not
> be the right person to lead SEAOC in the changes the organization wants to
> make.
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> What was not said, in
> Shafat's report below is that the Board meeting on Saturday was
> extremely productive, that there was reasoned and carefully
> considered conversation and a free interchange of ideas throughout
> the day.  Given this, it was unfortunate that John Price elected to
> use such a heavy handed and extreme strategy, especially given the
> cooperative nature of the meeting up until that time.
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