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The issue I take with Mr. Goldstein is that I have heard that he once
mentioned to the Board of Directors that he "doesn't work for the members".
If that is the case, I don't want my portion of my dues going towards his
salary. Further, if there are ANY elected directors or officers who do not
feel like they are acting in the best interests of the members, I want them
out too.

Bill Allen

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Subject: RE: SEAOSC v. SEAOC

Though tempers certainly flared, I am hopeful that the productive
work that was done prior to the threat of expulsion has not been
lost.  I know that the SEAONC appointed directors to the board are
stilling willing to work with all parties to break out of our
deadlock and move forward.  I am confident that the SEAOSC directors
will also be eager to do this, once they have had time to reflect.

I think it is also worth noting that the attacks on Allen Goldstein
were not warranted.  He attempted to act as peace-maker and moderator
at Saturday's meeting and is continuing to do so.

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> I have heard that the meeting, up until John Price's ultimatum, was
> extremely productive. It is not only unfortunate that Mr. Price took the
> meeting in the direction he did and essentially destroyed all the work
> was accomplished up until that point. It seems to me that Mr. Price may
> be the right person to lead SEAOC in the changes the organization wants to
> make.
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> Subject: Re: SEAOSC v. SEAOC
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> What was not said, in
> Shafat's report below is that the Board meeting on Saturday was
> extremely productive, that there was reasoned and carefully
> considered conversation and a free interchange of ideas throughout
> the day.  Given this, it was unfortunate that John Price elected to
> use such a heavy handed and extreme strategy, especially given the
> cooperative nature of the meeting up until that time.
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