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Dennis Wish wrote:

> I have been away ...

And now you are back.

But Dennis, just how do you feeeeeel about this issue???

Seriously, thanks for your perspective on these various issues. While the
picture you paint is fairly clear, you must confess it is colored by your
unfortunate experiences. Being shocked and appalled can certainly filter your
perceived options in any situation. We all choose when to assess our position on
matters and tend toward sooner than later. While I have watched the momentum
build on this issue, and the "problem" appears to be a stumbling block for the
entire organization, I've yet to read a balance of opinion (R. Hamburger message
noted). People make decisions on the fly and go away and reconsider and
sometimes change their minds.  I can't help but wonder why it is that we say
politics is dirty business and politicians have thick skin yet stuff needs to
get done. In truth we pay politicians to have thick skin in the hope that they
can/will shrug it off and find a way to get things done.

I've no real comment on the parties involved or their actions at this point. I
do encourage the directors to overcome this apparent stalemate (if it is indeed
a problem for the future of the organization).

Barry H. Welliver