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RE: Bridge loading

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Simply take the axle loadings for "HS-20" found in the AASHTO "Standard Specifications for Highway Bridges," and multiply them by 1.25.  This will give you the loadings for HS-25.

BTW, the current latest edition of AASHTO is the Sixteenth Edition.  However, the loads have not changed in 50 years, so any copy you have will give you that information.

Regards, and let me know if I can help you any more with this.

Bill Polhemus, P.E.
Chief Structural Engineer
Dannenbaum Engineering Corp.
("We Do Bridges")

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Someone I work with was asked to do a design for a bridge.  He was told that
HS25 is the standard loading.  Does anyone know what the corresponding axle
loads for this loading would be?
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