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As a SEAOSC Board Member for the last year, I have experienced the
frustration of dealing with the State Office, been listened to Allen
Goldstein's description of his job duties and excuses for non-performance,
"I work for the SEAOC President and serve the SEAOC Board of Directors".  I
listened to Allen proclaim that his goals are to respond to RFP for SEAOC
special project, SAC is a special project that SEAOC is involved in.

I was not at the last two SEAOC Board meetings, relaying on minutes and
second hand information and I have not read all the e-mail regarding this
at this time.  But I have a couple of things to say:

1.  If John Price SEAOSD wants SEAOSC out of SEAOC so by-laws can be
quickly changed and then allow SEAOSC to re-join, he is making a dangerous
assumption, that we would come back with our 41% of the State membership
and membership dues.

2.  It would be interesting to watch John Price, who I have never met and
just rely on minutes and reports, try to run SEAOC with 59% of the budget
and supporting the State Office while they chase special projects for
funding and balancing of the budget.  Maybe John Price will make up the
difference from his pocket or from SEAOSD's budgetary surplus.

3.  When I first was told of this MAGICAL re-organization, I as a SEAOSC
Board Member was given a couple of choices to be made that day and without
any descriptions, exlainations and justifications from this SPECIAL
Committee for the REQUIRED changes because as noted by their request for
immediate action, SEAOC IS BROKEN and NEED TO BE FIXED.  

My only experience recently is that I did not seen anything broken in
SEAOC, I just can't get the SEAOC Office to do anything.

Bill Warren, SE
SEAOSC Board Member
Newport Beach, CA