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List suspension - in defense of Wildwoman

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I found out last night that Kate O'Brien (Wildwoman) was suspended from this
Listservice for her part in the growing number of submissions of humor to
this list. I am against this action since it was done in response to threats
by a small percentage of this list who asked simply to curtail the number of
non-professional posts to the list. No one member, to the best of my
knowledge, suggested that Kate or any other member should have their
priveleges suspended.
Kate has been a participant in many issues on this list. Although most of us
know her best for her welcomed sense of humor, those wishing to search the
SEAint archives will find a great deal of interaction by Kate on
professional issues.
Once a precedence is set, such as this, there is no telling where or when it
will cease. I feel that this is an unfortunate response by Shafat who was
under pressure to stop the hysteria that arose by the last thread.
I urge Shafat to post a survey on the Web regarding Kates disiplanary action
so that the members can decide her fate. I also suggest that those with
opinions on this matter submit them to Shafat rather than this list who, I
trust, will respond to us with his findings.

Dennis Wish PE