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RE: List suspension - in defense of Wildwoman

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I thoroughly agree with Dennis, except on one point:  there should not be
any sort of poll or vote as to whether Kate is allowed to participate on the
list server.  It should be automatic and immediate. (If she even wants to

Furthermore, I am almost certain that this same joke (that Kate sent) was
posted to the list previously (about a year ago) and I don't recall the
uproar it created in the past few weeks.  I took a few minutes to search the
list archives and was unable to verify this, but I am entirely certain that
there have been more risque postings made than this one in the past.

The question that one must ask is "Did Kate send this message to
intentionally offend or insult anyone?"  I sincerely doubt it.  Rather than
suspend HER from the list, how about getting rid of everyone who whined
about it, and then everyone who whined about the whiners.  I thought that my
skin was tough enough to withstand the constant bickering about the
appropriateness of posts, the creation of a seperate "humor" list (a STUPID
idea), people threatening to leave the server, and other things that
accomplish nothing but waste bandwidth.  It's like the entire engineering
community has regressed to level of a bunch of 5 year olds with Gestappo
mentalities.  If this is enough to get me suspended, so be it.  I'm not
going to childishly quit, but I'm also not going to stand by and watch good
people be ostracized because the rest of the group can't get along.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Dennis Wish [mailto:wish(--nospam--at)]
> Sent: Tuesday, July 21, 1998 1:36 PM
> To: SEAOC Listservice
> Subject: List suspension - in defense of Wildwoman
> I found out last night that Kate O'Brien (Wildwoman) was
> suspended from this
> Listservice for her part in the growing number of submissions of humor to
> this list. I am against this action since it was done in response
> to threats
> by a small percentage of this list who asked simply to curtail
> the number of
> non-professional posts to the list. No one member, to the best of my
> knowledge, suggested that Kate or any other member should have their
> priveleges suspended.
> Kate has been a participant in many issues on this list. Although
> most of us
> know her best for her welcomed sense of humor, those wishing to search the
> SEAint archives will find a great deal of interaction by Kate on
> professional issues.
> Once a precedence is set, such as this, there is no telling where
> or when it
> will cease. I feel that this is an unfortunate response by Shafat who was
> under pressure to stop the hysteria that arose by the last thread.
> I urge Shafat to post a survey on the Web regarding Kates
> disiplanary action
> so that the members can decide her fate. I also suggest that those with
> opinions on this matter submit them to Shafat rather than this list who, I
> trust, will respond to us with his findings.
> Dennis Wish PE