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RE: List suspension - in defense of Wildwoman

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> Regarding Kate:
> Kate was not suspended because of the recent problem, but because
> Kate has repeatedly sent jokes to this list server. A month or so
> ago I received several complaints about her sending too many humor
> email to this list. I sent her an email expressing the subscribers'
> concern and warned her that if she continues with the pattern, we
> will have to suspend her.
> Guess what? Not only did she continue, she actually increased the
> frequency of her humor email. One night she send 13 email to this
> list.
> Hope that clarifies. 
> Shafat
> p.s suspension is temporary and I plan to invite her back soon.
What makes you think she would want to come back? If I recall
correctly the 13 e-mails were in response to attacks directed at her.
Would you deny her the right to defend herself? It seems by suspending
her, your answer is yes. I guess when only the censors are left, 
there will be no problems because nobody will be allowed to post