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RE: Sloshing in rectangular tanks

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> Constantine Shuhaibar wrote:
> Does anyone have references listing simple formulas for preliminary 
> estimation of sloshing in rectangular water tanks due to seismic
> input?
	[Mike Ritter]  

	You might want to look at "Guidelines for the Seismic Design of
Oil and Gas Pipeline Systems", prepared by the Committee on Gas and
Liquid Fuel Lifelines of the ASCE Technical Council on Lifeline
Earthquake Engineering.  Doesn't sound like it would have much on water
tanks or sloshing, does it? 

	Chapter 7 is called "Seismic Response and Design of Liquid
Storage Tanks".  We've used it once or twice in the past to calculate
sloshing forces.  Can't recall if it is applicable to rectangular tanks.
I'm sorry to say I wouldn't classify it as "simple". 

	Hope this helps,

	Michael D. Ritter, PE
	Lockwood Greene Technologies