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Wildwoman1 Suspension

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I agree with Dennis Wish's suggestion that Kate O'Brien's suspension be 
reconsidered.  While some of her jokes may have elicited an "Oh-oh!" from me, 
I considered none of them offensive.  While she may have a penchant for 
retorts, so do a number of other people.

The only offensive so-called "joke" that I found on the listservice was the 
one that Glenn Otto posted "to make a point."  That type of rhetoric is 
totally unacceptable anywhere and should not be used even "to make a point."  
I did not recognize it as an attempt to make a point when it was posted but 
considered that because of the discussion that was going on about some posts, 
some !@#$% decided to post his vitriolic message.  I note that Glenn Otto had 
not been suspended from the list as there was a post from him today.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona