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RE: To All List members

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So where would you propose the SEAOSC v. SEAOC discussion to take place,
Lynn? Please check the bottom of this message (within the *s) to find out
who is providing this forum. Certainly, I have suggested in the past that
there be a "private" forum for SEAOC business (password by members
required), but it hasn't happened yet. If SEAOC is going to become a
"members oriented" organization, it is very important that these issues be
discussed among the membership instead of a dozen or so.

You may or may not be interested in the fate of SEAOSC/SEAOC, but I believe
there are several that are and the only way most of us can get our
information is via this listserv.

BTW, you are still welcome to contribute and respond to WL^2/8 & Mc/I

Bill Allen

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From: Lynn [mailto:lhoward(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Tuesday, July 21, 1998 3:20 PM
To: seaint(--nospam--at)
Subject: To All List members

This list has degraded VERY QUICKLY over the last few weeks into something I
am no
longer interested in.  Hopefully things will get back to normal soon, but we
to stop all this crap.
Can't all of these discussions about Kate, SEAOC vs SEAOSC, jokes, etc. etc.
taken somewhere else?  Sure, those who are interested in this stuff should
have a
place to voice it, but I do not think it should be here.
The concept of TWO lists is sounding better all the time.  Every time I
check for
e-mail now I dread the 50 to 60 messages that are waiting discussing this
Yes, I can use the delete key, but believe me, if it does not get back to
quickly, many people including myself will be leaving the list.  This is a
fire way to kill this thing.

A very tired LYNN