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Is it just me or are there others out there who have become disenchanted
with a state office over the last two days?

Bill Allen

(P.S.-SEAOC better not ask me for $10 right now)

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<< Please believe me that there is no real intent on anyone's part to
 remove SEAOSC from SEAOC, any more than there is an intent to remove
 either of the other member associations. >>


I appreciate your balanced comments regarding the recent SEAOC Board meeting
-- objectivity is definitely needed.   I also was there as an Observer for
SEAOSC and as much as SEAOSC WANTS to believe your statement that "there is
real intent on anyone's part to remove SEAOSC from SEAOC", SEAOSC finds this
difficult because this is NOT really what transpired at the meeting.

When the straw vote was taken and four hands were raised (Ed Nicholson and
Luttrell from SEAOCC and John Price and Don Libby from SEAOSD) in support of
John Price's intention of beginning expulsion proceedings against SEAOSC if
the SEAOSC Board did not ratify the Bylaws amendment within 2-3 weeks, then
I'd say that it was pretty clear that this group does want to expel SEAOSC.

Since we could hardly believe what we were hearing (especially inspite of
agreeing to ALL the recommendations presented eariler), James Lai (President
of SEAOSC and holder of  SEAOSC delegate Rick Ranous' proxy) specifically
asked John Price twice to clarify if this was indeed his intentions.  Price
said "yes" both times.

I was glad to hear you say (as Price was railroading the straw vote through)
that the straw vote was a premature action.  Unfortunately though, because
President Luttrell was emotionally caught-up in this issue, I don't believe
formally recognized you and so your statement was probably out of order.

Don Gilbert
SEAOSC Administrator