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RE: AutoCAD DWF files (DOS is not dead)

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Be careful, Roger, and don't fall into the trap. I don't believe Aswin uses
DOS (Dead Operating System), he merely mentioned an article documenting that
about 3 million people haven't gotten rid of the polyester leisure suits

Bill Allen

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Subject: RE: AutoCAD DWF files (DOS is not dead)

Thank you Aswin!  (But be careful about what you say  ---  Is DOS an
acceptable structural engineering topic? <G>)

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

. > Hello:
. >
. > I don't think DOS is really dead.  Here are a few lines from ZD net's
. >
. >
. > "Since 1997, Orem, UT-based Caldera, Inc. has sold 3,000,000 copies of
. > DR-DOS -- an MS-DOS compatible operating system acquired from Digital
. > Research by way of Novell."
. >
. > You can re-use your 286 or 386.  Read about it in the link:
. >
. >
. > - Aswin
. >