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List suspension - in defense of Shafat

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I am behind Shafat 100%. From what he said, Kate was suspended mainly not
because of the jokes but because of her defiance of Shafat's warning. Whether
intentional or not, Shafat's got to do what got to be done. Maybe because of
the controversy in this listserve, with seaoc/seaosc and ownership of this
listserve, a lot of us are getting edgy and tensed causing a lot of
unfavorable responses, remarks and decisions. I hope all these passes by and
we can go back to our usual friendly ways.

I read almost all of the posts and I feel like I'm watching a soap opera, a
comedy skit, 20/20, and Jerry Springer Show all combined in one show. That's

Regarding Shafat's power and authority, I think he deserves it being the
pioneer in the establishment of this listserve, voluntering his time,
knowledge and effort to make this thing work. Anybody out there who is willing
to take over his duties without pay, as long as he is  dedicated,
knowledgeable and fair is welcome to volunteer and maybe the listserve can
vote on it if he is qualified.

Ernie Natividad