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RE: To All List members and Wildwoman

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Since you asked.  A lot of us outsiders are just happy to be out of range of the artillery.

On the SEAOSC issue:
I find it unfortunate that this division has taken place.  I hope that it is amicably settled soon.  SEAOC has provided much to the structural engineering community with this list and its involvement in code development over the years.  

It is time for a consensus builder within the Board of Directors to step forward and arbitrate a solution.  Maybe that will be Ron Hamburger.  I was fortunate to watch his contributions in the Provisions Update Committee in the BSSC.  Ron has very good leadership skills, and is a consensus builder.

SEAOC is too valuable a resource to be destroyed by what appears to be turf wars.  Please don't let it happen.

On the Wildwoman suspension:
Shafat has given much of his own time to administer this list.  Although I revere free speech, and I probably would not have issued a suspension, I will support Shafat's right to issue disciplinary suspensions.  I am not ready to step into his shoes.

Shafat is the referee of the list.  He is trying to keep the list focused on structural engineering issues, and minimize the extraneous.  He has done a commendable job.  He might call me for a foul in the future.  I might argue the call, but not his right to make the call.  

Shafat has performed a valuable service by his work on this list and should be commended.

Let Shafat handle it.  It is a judgement call.

I do hope Kate returns to the list, and I hope she still contributes an occasional inoffensive joke.  Please don't ask me to define occasional or inoffensive.

Harold Sprague, PE (focused on the technical)
Krawinkler, Luth & Assoc.
Loveland, CO (Outside of California)

-----Original Message-----
From:	Dennis Wish [SMTP:wish(--nospam--at)]
Sent:	Tuesday, July 21, 1998 1:58 PM
To:	SEAOC Listservice
Subject:	To All List members

Please read:
I fear that most of you outside California have either filtered out
California posted issues. These issues are important to the list and I urge
you to read them, ask questions and voice your opinions.
In a perfect world there are those who dedicate their efforts for the good
of community. In an imperfect on, there are those who are willing to act on
their own conscience for what they believe is in the best interest of
others. Many of us believe that no few representative of this organization
should have the power to act outside of the knowledge and approval of both
the dues paying membership and the important list members who are shaping
this medium.
As was indicated in Bill Warren's post, some of the non-technical members
(and employee) of the State charter are not enthusiastic about the roll that
the Internet (or global communications of any kind) are to play in the
growth of our profession. They believe that it is a passing fad and would
rather steer SEA members in a different, non-technical direction.
At the ground floor of this evolving technology are each and every one of
you reading this post. Your opinions matter in this issue and this is more
than a test of your understanding, this is a decision that is about to be
made which may have outreaching implications as to the future of this list
and SEA Websites.
I can not stress this enough. No matter where you are located, what
affiliation, if any (or none) you have, you have a responsibility to those
that follow you to determine the fate of this List.
I can not strongly urge you enough to take the time, review this issues (all
sides) and voice your opinions.

Dennis S. Wish PE