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I would like to look at this controversy from the other side's point of view.
I will forget for a minute that I am a SEAOSC member. I will think like
Goldstein, Luttrell and Price. 

Even if Goldstein is not an engineer, and after hearing a lot of negative
things about him on this listserve, I believe he is a politician who cares
more about how to get things done in pursuit of a set objective even if a lot
of people get hurt on the way there. If a politicians way can get us noticed
in the government, at whatever cost, then I am for it. Unless we can do it
another way(a non-political, technical, soft-hearted approach). His experience
seems to be  in the unification of groups of regional organization, getting
them to compromise on various issues that require a consensus, and determining
the best way to get a positive response from the governing authorities.

A politicians way, using clean or disty tactics, is always controversial and
unpopular. They step on a lot of other people's toes on their way to the top
to do what has to be done. I symphatize with him. Mr. Goldstein's goal for the
good of our profession may be sincere and noble, only his ways might look or
sound like he does not care. We don't know because we haven't heard from him.
He may be the type of politician who does not see the need to explain or
justify himself to anybody as long as he feels that what he is doing is right
and is for the good of whoever he is working for(Structural Engineers).

Luttrell and Price supports Goldstein. They both believe that his way, and
doingf it fast, is the best and only way. They get frustrated when things move
too slow. To the point of asking those who do not agree with them to quit or
get fired. They just need to cool down and play intelligent politics. 

As for Mr. Goldstein, his challenge now(if he is not fired yet) is to prove
his talent by getting this fragmented pieces of regional organizations
together at whatever cost and get them to agree on a consensus within a
reasonable time frame to achieve his and everybody else's  goals. Otherwise,
if he cannot prove his worth, the state board members will have to find some
other way through some other guy to get things done.

Just my (other side) opinion.

Ernie Natividad