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RE: List suspension - in defense of Wildwoman

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Shafat, although this exists in the FAQ's it is not a rule established by
the members of this list. You have chosen to set this precedence and many of
us disagree with you. Kate was singled out and suspended although her jokes
were in no manner inappropriate or offensive. I find many of the political
discussions equally offensive, but would never suggest they be censured.
Question #23 is your response to a question - not a rule established by the
members of this list.
What I don't understand is how it is okay to set precedence by the
administrator of the list, and diamentricaly wrong for SEAOC to want to rule
SEAOSC? Each issue has a similar answer - leave it to the members to decide.
Plase the question on the Website and let the members decide.


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Here is question # 23 from our FAQ:

23. Can I post a joke to the list?
This list server is intended to focus on the Structural engineering issues.
Normally, the jokes are NOT welcome by members. However, an occasional joke
relating engineers are allowed, provided the content is not regarding race,
religion or ethnicity. If your email is found inappropriate by the
administrator, you will be warned and may be suspended from the list.

To get a complete copy of the FAQ for this list, send an email to
admin(--nospam--at) and in the body of the message type:

get seaint faq.txt