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Re: To All List members

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I have been fairly quiet for a while now.  Business is good, and we are very
very busy.  But I have continued to read the list and respond occasionally.
I cannot believe what this list has devolved into.  This list will self destruct
if the direction is not changed quickly.
Given the fact that many people get offended at off topic discussions, we should
restrict off topic items in order to preserve the quality of the list .  The
restriction is for no other reason than self preservation.  The list's right to
survival is more important that the right of any one persons right to free
speech on this list.  I think right now Shafat should be very strict in his
enforcement off topic items.  This is the only way the list will survive.  I
support his removal of Kate from the list for now.  And I was never one of the
ones who found here jokes offensive.  But she posed a threat to the survival of
the list.

As far as SEAOC vs SEAOSC issues go, I guess I am tired of hearing about it
simply because I cannot believe that our leaders are actually acting in such a
childish manner.  I do not have personal information about this in-fighting that
may have been going on for some time now.  If the story about SEAOC board
members are true, then shame on them.  They should step down.  If the stories
about SEAOSC acting as a block to vote  down every issue raised by SEAOC is
true, then shame on them, they should step down.  It sounds like we are dealing
with children, not responsible adults.

I really just want all this crap to stop and for the list to get back to
Structural Engineering issue.  These types of discussions and exchanges of
information are what have made me say in the past that I think this list is
wonderful.  It was not because of the great jokes posted here.

If our leaders at both the SEAOSC and SEAOC are going to act like children, then
I for one and not going to renew my membership.  I am ashamed to be a member of
an organization that would act is such a manner.