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Re: List suspension - in defense of Wildwoman

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Dennis Wish wrote:

> You have chosen to set this precedence and many of
> us disagree with you.

Exactly how many disagree with Shafat on this Dennis?  I for one support him.
There are thousands of list members and I doubt that you really know how many of
them disagree with Shafat.  If the list is to survive, actions like this must be
taken.  I never found any of Kates jokes offensive, although several of them did
not make me smile (not funny!).

> Kate was singled out and suspended although her jokes
> were in no manner inappropriate or offensive. I find many of the political
> discussions equally offensive, but would never suggest they be censured.

Again, I disagree.  Political discussion do not have a place on this list.
There are other lists that are available for people who wish to discuss these
things.  Many people do have very strong political feelings and are deeply
offended when they feel their beliefs are being attacked.  You and I are thick
skinned about issue like this, but those who are not will leave the list.  All
they want is a forum to exchange ideas about structural engineering.  This forum
should be a place they can do that without fear of having to put up with a lot
of discussions that may be offensive to many.

> Question #23 is your response to a question - not a rule established by the
> members of this list.
> What I don't understand is how it is okay to set precedence by the
> administrator of the list, and diamentricaly wrong for SEAOC to want to rule
> SEAOSC? Each issue has a similar answer - leave it to the members to decide.
> Plase the question on the Website and let the members decide.

The members of the list will decide as they begin to leave.  We have already
begun to see this trend.  It will continue and self distruct.  Then what will
you be left with.

Let us make this list a haven for the structural engineering community as a
whole.  If you are a deeply religious person who is offended by jokes that
attack the religious, you should not in effect be banned from this list.  These
people will leave.  If there are personal attacks, name calling, etc., another
group of engineers will leave.  This will continue until only the most thick
skinned members are left (you and Bill :)

Let us get control of this alligator before it eats the master.