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Re: List suspension - in defense of Shafat

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My NZ$0.02 worth,  (only about US$0.01 worth!!), as an offshore lurker:
Ernie Natividad wrote:
> "I am behind Shafat 100%. From what he said, Kate was suspended mainly
> not  because of the jokes but because of her defiance of Shafat's  
>  Whether intentional or not, Shafat's got to do what got to be done. -----

A mitigating circumstance may be that Kate's 13 messages were replies to 
criticisms and personal flames.


Harold Sprague wrote:
> "On the Wildwoman suspension:
> Shafat has given much of his own time to administer this list.  Although I 
> revere free speech, and I probably would not have issued a suspension, I > 
will support Shafat's right to issue disciplinary suspensions.  I am not > 
ready to step into his shoes.

> Shafat is the referee of the list.  He is trying to keep the list focused 
> on structural engineering issues, and minimize the extraneous.  He has > 
done a commendable job.  He might call me for a foul in the future.  I > 
might argue the call, but not his right to make the call.  

> Shafat has performed a valuable service by his work on this list and > 
should be commended.
> Let Shafat handle it.  It is a judgement call.
> I do hope Kate returns to the list, and I hope she still contributes an > 
occasional inoffensive joke.  Please don't ask me to define occasional or > 

These posts sum up my feelings.

As I have previously noted this list server is like family.  

While onerous to keep up with the play all is of interest and broadly 

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