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RE: List suspension - in defense of Wildwoman

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From: Lynn [mailto:lhoward(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Tuesday, July 21, 1998 6:19 PM
To: seaint(--nospam--at)
Subject: Re: List suspension - in defense of Wildwoman

Exactly how many disagree with Shafat on this Dennis?  ....

** Why speculate on how many agree and how many disagree. I have been asking
Shafat to post this survey to the Website - something he says is very easy
to do. As with the lurkers, we can't speculate on the answer of those who
refuse to respond, but we can accept the majority rule by those who do voice
an opinion.

Again, I disagree.  Political discussion do not have a place on this list.

** Then why was Humor singled out to take action against offending partys. I
agree with you - however I would much rather contend with humor than the
lengthy thread related to Clintons affairs. If I recall, that thread created
one of the most lengthy threads on this list. Why wasn't the author of that
thread suspended from the list?

My point, Lynn is that the members need to make this decision. We have the
tools, why not place them in use. If the members of this list choose to ban
political and humor threads so be it. If they  choose to allow it so be it.
I suspect that once the decision is made by the members there will be fewer
posts objecting to the unfairness of the practice.

> Question #23 is your response to a question - not a rule established by
> members of this list.
> What I don't understand is how it is okay to set precedence by the
> administrator of the list, and diamentricaly wrong for SEAOC to want to
> SEAOSC? Each issue has a similar answer - leave it to the members to
> Plase the question on the Website and let the members decide.

The members of the list will decide as they begin to leave.  We have already
begun to see this trend.  It will continue and self distruct.  Then what
you be left with.

*** Lynn, I don't agree.  With all of the members who claim to have left,
are your number of downloads reducing. It may be that those who lurk in the
background and do not participate are those who are resigning. As much as
you see the benifit in this list you would probably choose for digest your
daily email rather than receive 100 or 200 posts. I feel that as the dust
settles - and it eventually will - we will not notice those who yelled the
loudest and resigned. A simple search of the list messages will prove this
However, I would feel very badly if Lynn Howard resigned from the list. The
benifits outweigh the inconvenience and everyone of us, including you, have
chosen to perpetuate this thread.

Let us make this list a haven for the structural engineering community as a
whole.  If you are a deeply religious person who is offended by jokes that
attack the religious, you should not in effect be banned from this list.
people will leave.  If there are personal attacks, name calling, etc.,
group of engineers will leave.  This will continue until only the most thick
skinned members are left (you and Bill :)

Let us get control of this alligator before it eats the master.


Again, this would have happened dozens of times in the past. Instead this
list is now at the height of it's subscribers if Shafat's 7,000 subscriber
claim is correct. I can support a second list and even a third, but not for
something so inoculous as a joke site. As was stated over and over again, if
the joke arrived, was read, was tossed away it would be done. The
perpetuation of the thread is over a more fundemental issue - the members
right to make the rules governing content.