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RE: List suspension - in defense of Wildwoman

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After reading that you (Shafat) had warned Kate about the off topic posts
and had received private e-mail complaining of them, I guess I have to
support your position for her (hopefully temporary) suspension. I for one
enjoyed her contributions. It was apparent to me that she subscribes to a
humor listserv or newsgroup, works late at night and, in one fell swoop,
passes a few off to this group who obviously does not have a sense of humor
(I've always suggested that a SEAOC dinner meeting did not qualify as a
social event). What a bunch of fuddie-duddies. Regardless, I seriously doubt
if there is anyone else on the planet that can do as good of a job managing
this listserv particularly in light of the fact that I believe you have a
REAL job :o).

I whole heartedly support you in your decision. In my first (and last)
political endeavor as President of the student chapter of ASCE, one of the
fundamental things I learned is that you cannot please everyone anytime.

Bill Allen

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From: Shafat Qazi [mailto:seaint-ad(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Tuesday, July 21, 1998 6:11 PM
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Subject: RE: List suspension - in defense of Wildwoman

Dennis, I wish you were in my place. Your email is based on many
assumptions, one of them being that majority of subscribers liked Kate's
email. You are wrong! I have privately received many email complaining
about Kate. As I wrote earlier, I asked Kate to watch out. She ignored my
warning. I waited two weeks before I removed her from the list.

The FAQ question #23 was posted to the members of this list and comments
were solicited. Many subscribers send their comments.

I am acting as a sysop to this list and have done that for many years. Kate
is not the only one who has been suspended. Although she sure seems to have
a few fans.

There are lots of people who enjoy spaming list servers. The reason that
this list server does not get spam is because I manage it efficiently.

I am not against humor. As a matter of fact, I have subscribed to a humor
list. I share my jokes with others on that list. They appreciate it. All of

This list is free and un moderated.


p.s. How about a new list server jokes(--nospam--at)

At 7/21/98 05:43 PM, you wrote:
>Shafat, although this exists in the FAQ's it is not a rule established by
>the members of this list. You have chosen to set this precedence and many
>us disagree with you. Kate was singled out and suspended although her jokes
>were in no manner inappropriate or offensive. I find many of the political
>discussions equally offensive, but would never suggest they be censured.
>Question #23 is your response to a question - not a rule established by the
>members of this list.
>What I don't understand is how it is okay to set precedence by the
>administrator of the list, and diamentricaly wrong for SEAOC to want to
>SEAOSC? Each issue has a similar answer - leave it to the members to
>Plase the question on the Website and let the members decide.