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Newsgroups and Poor Behavior

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A couple of years ago, I participated in a Newsgroup roughly called
CA.EARTHQUAKES.  There were several high profile participants, including Lucy
Jones, from USGS, and a couple of participants from CalTech as I remember.
However, there was one participant who kept making a big deal out of
predicting earthquakes based on the phases of Jupiter and similar bogus
methods.  He would make one or two postings a day.  Instead of ignoring him,
many participants got into an argument with him.  Some days most of the
postings were in response to him rather than anything of interest.

The end result was that participation by quality members quickly ceased.  The
problem was not the joker who did the original post, but the others who poured
lighter fluid on the fire.

Before this listserver meets a similar fate, I would suggest that, in spite of
Wildwoman's poor behavior, it is the 32 posts in response to her joke that are
killing the listserver.


Carl S.