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Re: PSD from response spectra

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Look Ma, a technical post...

Seriously, you may be better off borrowing an executable copy
of SIMQKE or other equivalent Fortran program rather than 
writing your own code in C, just because you don't have a 
Fortran compiler.  A couple of words of caution in determining
PSD from Response Spectrum:

The PSD depends on several parameters that get lost when time-history 
is converted in Response Spectra.  There is very little unanimity
of opinion on the best procedure to determine the PSD from RS.
I do not know if IEEE has recommended a procedure that 
is acceptable to them as a regulatory authority.

Hope this helps.

Ravi Sinha

On Wed, 22 Jul 1998, Christopher Wright wrote:

> I'm looking to work out some vibration testing issues with for 
> conformance with an IEEE spec for seismic qualification. Anyone know of 
> an archive which might have software to derive a PSD curve from a seismic 
> response spectrum? SIMQKE could do this, but I'd like to get C language 
> source code so I could put it on my Mac. Lacking a software archive does 
> anyone know of a reference for the math involved?
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