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RE: Newsgroups and Poor Behavior

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> The end result was that participation by quality members quickly
> ceased.  The problem was not the joker who did the original post, but the
> others who poured lighter fluid on the fire.
> [snip]
> Carl S.
As suggested the last few days, I have started using filters through Outlook
98, and it works quite well.

However, not everyone has an e-mail manager with filters, and personally I
believe the concern is the joker who starts fires.  That is why last week I
suggested a separate list, which does not infringe on any perceived first
amendment rights, but does move the soapbox away to a location out of
earshot.  Suggestions for the list name: "humor", "flamers", "tavern", or
"chat room".  Another $0.02, request it be applied to the purchase of a fire

Rick Becker, P.E.