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Bridge Design Programs

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Seeking info from actual program users (no vendors please) on the following:

Q1:    Recommended bridge design programs which they have found easy to work
with, has reasonably good user interface capabilities, preferrably window base,
conforms to AASHTO & Caltrans Design Specs.  Particularly interested in those
programs that have posttention design.  I am familiar with SEISAB & IAI Bridge
Programs.  Intent is for use in multi-span concrete bridges.

Q2:    Can anyone (actual , non SEISAB or IAI, users please) comment on their
use of SEISAB and Imbsen & Associates Bridge Design Software (ie. ease of use,
user interface, reasonably good tech support, etc.)

Q3:     Can anyone (actual users) recommend any window base programs for
calculating ductility capacities of round, rectangular, and irregular shaped
reinf. conc. columns.  I am aware of the BIAX program from Berkley.

I hope this is not too much.  Thank you in advance for anyone's response.