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RE: Modernizing The List

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While this site looks pretty cool and has some prospects, it appears they have the same or similar problems as the SEAOSC listserv has. If you click on the General BBS folder, you will find several topics including "About Letting Threads Die". If you click on "****SURVEY-Does ROBERT "fancy? Anand? and flip through some of the conversations, you will find that some posts have gotten out of control and many participants are pleading to have threads die.
Different Site, SOS(tuff).
Bill Allen
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Sent: Wednesday, July 22, 1998 11:02 AM
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Subject: Modernizing The List

After participating in this list for the past several year, I've come to believe that our needs would be better served if The List were organized in a Discussion Board/BBS format.  Multiple Forums could be set up within such as Concrete, Steel, Fasteners, Seismic, Education, Humor, SEAOC, Building Code, Testing/Inspection, Wildwoman (kidding) and so on. Maybe a dozen or so headings.  Messages would be posted into the applicable forum.
What are several benefits?
1) We could browse and participate in the forums that are of interest to us without having to sift and filter through all of the force fed messages of our current shotgun approach. Our time would be much more productive.
2) Real threads could develop which would be much easier to follow. This would also benefit being away from your e-mail while on vacation or whatever. Rather than leaving the list or finding 1000 e-messages to sift through upon your return, one could easily get up to speed and jump into a particular topic without searching archives.
3) Rather than multiple lists, a single desktop shortcut could deliver you to the "Lobby" of the discussion board where you could go where and when at your convenience.
I've enjoyed the list. The list may be frustrating at times, but overall I find the benefits outweigh my time costs. But, I also think it could be better.
Previous and recent happenings around here again demonstrate the need for some sort of change. Why not make our list more user friendly/satisfying?  I drop into some non-engineering discussion boards on occasion. I find the simplest yet slickest system to be the Ultimate Bulletin Board (I am not affiliated with same in any way shape or form). If you are interested visiting an example of this system click .
Anyway, based on my rates, that's my $16.67 worth.
Deletefully yours,
Brent Koch, P.E.