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RE: Not Intended to Offend

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No, I'm sorry for losing it Carl. I do feel the basic issue is very
important to the survival of this list. I should not have been so
tempermental. I know that I contribute a lot to the volume of mail on this
list. I try not to abuse this privalege and have only infrequently responded
to political and humor threads.
Because of my "passion" for this list, I feel that many are tired of me and
would wish that I would take a long vacation.
I think this may be a good idea, but not until after the SEAOC issue has
been resolved. I'm surprised at how many feel that if they ignore it the
problems will go away and everything will be back to normal. Unfortunately,
the political climate in SEAOC at this time is a real threat to this list.
I am trying to juggle my passion with my work load and, unfortunately, I
lost my temper with your posts because I did not see the "smiley face" and
felt you were serious.
Again, my apologies for my reaction - not very professional in light of the
latest threads.


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Seriously, I hope you didn't filter this and this message gets through.  I
keep forgeting to put a "smiley face" with my messages and assumed that you
would take it in the light-hearted spirit in which it was written.  Please
accept my off-server apology.

Thanks.  : - )

Carl S.

P.S.  Please let me know if you would like an on-server apology.

<< You know, Carl, it's comments like yours that instill us to respond. I
 suggest you add me to your filters if you don't want to be bothered by my
 posts. I just did to yours and it works quite well.
 The humor doesn't offend me, your comment does. Why not do us a favor and
 keep your insults to yourself - personally I don't appreciate them and I'll
 guarantee you I'll be here long after you've left.