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I think Shafat means .....refrain from posting non-technical....... Structural
related issues, especially controversial ones, tend to dominate the listserve
lately. All we need is just a short break from the current circus and
hopefully by next week, we all have cooled down, refreshed and back to normal.

My suggestion on threads that tend to drag on for a long time is try to wait
for a while (maybe even a day) before you send your response. Just save it and
read it over(and maybe edit it) before sending it. If you have cooled down by
then, maybe you need not send it, especially if it is one of those response
that will generate a lot of arguments and discussions. And for a given thread,
once you have given your opinion on the listseve for everyone to see,if you
have to, try to continue further discussion or arguments through private e-
mail with the parties concerned. 

Just a suggestion.

Ernie Natividad

Ernie Natividad