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We currently make and distribute a structural analysis and design package called SPACE GASS to a number of countries throughout the
South East Asian region (we are based in Australia with a number of international distributors).

After a significant number of queries from the US we are looking at developing a design module for the US code (the program already
has code checking / design facilities for British, South African, Australian and New Zealand codes).  To this end I am trying to
ascertain whether there would be any demand for a user-friendly, relatively low cost windows based program that performs static
(linear and non-linear analysis), dynamic (frequencies and response) and elastic buckling analysis and design to the US code.

We are a hands-on organisation that has a very close working relationship with the engineers in the regions where we operate.  In
addition, the majority of people who work here are experienced engineers.  This, combined with the feedback we get from current and
potential users, helps us to design a package that engineers will find more useful in practical situations.

The quality of the (engineering orientated) discussion submitted to this forum indicates that the list subscribers have a very high
level of engineering expertise and would be able to offer some valuable comments on the success of a package such as ours in the US.
We would appreciate any comments that anyone can offer.

If you would like to have a look at the program please check out our web page at

Nick Stanley, B.Eng (Hons), B.Bus
Structural Engineer - ITS